The Process

It’s always best to book your wedding in advance. With that said, if you forgot to book in advance don't hesitate to reach out to see if we can make it work!

First, the day after your event you will ship overnight/2 day shipping according to the specific shipping instructions provided in your order confirmation email. OR you can drop off your bouquet (1-2 days after event for best results) which saves you the added expense of shipping. The exact address for drop off/shipping in Westfield, NJ will be provided in your email confirmation once you place an order  

Once we receive your bouquet, we will rehydrate any blooms that may have lost a little life

Next, we will trim down the blooms that we feel will preserve the best

We will will dry your flowers using our unique drying process. Blooms will dry between 3-5 weeks depending on the density of the blooms

Design is our favorite part of the process, we will send you two options to choose from (designs are only for hexagon or square items). Other smaller items are left to the designers choice of what they feel will fit best in the item

Lastly, we pour your pieces carefully over many days to ensure the best quality product. This process takes roughly another month to complete and cure.

Finally, we prepare, shine, and buff your piece to get it ready to ship back to you or you can pick them up


Please Note: All flowers are not created equal. Some flowers will preserve darker, especially red, pink and purple flowers. We want you to know this in advance so that you can have realistic expectations of what your final pieces will look like. Some flowers will have bruises. This is natural and is part of the process. Bruises are not visible on fresh flowers and can not be seen until they are placed in resin. We like to consider flowers with bruises as having been loved a little extra. Bubbles are also standard in resins blocks and although we do our best to remove as many bubbles as we can, they are unavoidable.