How far in advance can I place an order? 

  • We strongly recommend that you book as soon as you have your wedding date

Do you accept last minute bookings?

  • Yes! We can accommodate your last-minute booking. Please place your order online and message us right away via the contact form. Please keep your flowers in water and do NOT put them in the fridge/freezer.

Do you preserve flowers from events other than weddings?

  • Yes! We preserve flowers from any event. Whether it's a baby shower, memorial, or a custom piece, we can work with you to preserve your flowers in a unique, special way!

What is the process like preserving my flowers?

  • Please check out the section of our website titled “The Process” for more information on the detailed steps we take to preserve the beauty of your flowers. 
What if I change my mind about the items I ordered?
  • You can upgrade the size of your order as long as you do so before we receive your flowers for preservation. This way we can be sure to preserve the amount of flowers we need for your piece. After your initial order, any size changes or add-ons are subject to new pricing. We do not allow downgrading once payment is made.


Can you cast my air-dried flowers, silk or wood flowers?

  • Yes! The process and prices are the same. We do not press flowers but if yours are already dried we can work with them. 
Will my flowers look the same as they did at my event?
  • No, it’s not realistic to expect them to look the same as the event day. The flowers go through a lot of steps before they come into our hands. Events, shipping, etc. places some stress on the flowers because of which we always encourage people to send extras from a centerpiece or a bridesmaid’s bouquet.
Also, some flowers tend to change color and form a little during the drying process. The best examples are reds turning burgundy, whites turning cream or ivory and pinks turning purple. Lilies and orchids are not guaranteed to dry to their original color.

Succulents and tropical flowers cannot be dried due to high moisture content. We recommend faux succulents or faux berries as an option.

Why do some preserved flowers have clear spots?

  • This is what is referred to as bruising. Some flowers get bruised on the event day, when they are handled or shipped. This is out of our or anyone’s control and would lead to transparent spots. We won't know which flowers will have bruising spots until they are casted in resin.
I have my bouquet from years ago, can it still be preserved?
  • Yes! We can preserve air dried flowers. The flowers will look similar to the way their do air dried once placed in resin. We cannot restore the flowers to their original state. But we still feel air dried flowers look beautiful in resin.  
Will I be able to see the placement of flowers before it is finally in resin?
  • Yes! For the main piece we provide two layout choices. More than that will be an additional charge of $35. We want to handle flowers as little as we can to maintain their integrity. They are fragile on drying. The more we touch them, the more they get distorted. If you have a design in mind, send it to us beforehand so we work along those lines, which avoids spoiling flowers unnecessarily. 
Will it be perfect like my fresh bouquet?
  • Each piece is lovingly handmade and takes up-to 20-30 hours of hands-on time across many days. Every piece is poured layer after layer with hours of curing in between. Due to the nature of the handmade process, you should expect imperfections like a few bubbles and little bits of nature. The pour lines will be visible on the sides of every block. The lines are less visible on other shapes but will be there as well. Although our best effort and attention to detail is given to every piece, if you are expecting perfection, I am not the right artist for you.
What if my bouquet is all white?
  • A big number of bridal bouquets are all-white flowers - and we love to work with them!
  • Keep in mind that white flowers will not preserve crisp white. An ivory hue is very common, even after the color restoration is done. We recommend a darker background to add some contrast to your white flowers! 

Shipping/Drop Off:

What is an estimated price for overnight shipping of fresh flowers?

  • The rates vary from each state, time, day and place. We recommend UPS. To get a shipping quote, you could assume a box of 16x16x16”- this depends on your bouquet. The weight may be 5-8 pounds. 
  • Also check out Uber prices, drop your flowers in the back seat and send them for a ride!

How do I pack my flowers for shipping? 

  • Once you reserve a date, we send you instructions to pack your bouquet. Please follow them carefully!

Where can I get shipping/drop off instructions?

  • In your order confirmation email, you will receive a link to these instructions and the shipping/drop off address.
I am in another State (NJ), can you still preserve my bouquet?
  • Yes! While we are located in Westfield, NJ many of our bouquets come from outside of NJ! We work with customers from all 50 states in the USA!*Hawaii & Alaska: There may be an excessive shipping cost for out of the country/Hawaii/Alaska orders. Keep this in mind since your flowers will need to be shipped overnight or two-day shipping.
  • Because overnighting your bouquet the day or two after the wedding is crucial, we recommend that you check with your local post office rates prior to confirming your booking.
I am local to New Jersey, can I drop off my bouquet?
  • Yes, local drop offs are encouraged! We are located in Westfield, NJ
How do I keep my flowers in prime condition until time of shipment?
  • It is very important to take special care of your flowers the day of the event. It is quite normal for the flowers to be moved around & used as they are supposed to be used! However, avoid touching the flower petals and throwing the bouquet if possible.
Keep the flower stems in water until the time of shipment and follow our shipping instructions for optimal flower condition! It is very important to NOT place your bouquet in the freezer or fridge! A residential-grade fridge is not good for your flowers and a freezer is simply too cold!
I am moving after my wedding, can I change my shipping address?
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to inform Petals By Pinto of all shipping address changes. Failure to do so, the products will be shipped to the address provided at the time of purchase. 

Care & Disclaimers: 

How do I take care of my resin piece?

  • Each piece is made with high-quality resin that is very durable, but still needs to be handled with care. Please keep your piece out of direct sunlight and heat for optimal protection. You may wipe down your piece occasionally by using a lint-less cloth.

Is it safe to put my resin pieces in direct sunlight or near a heat source?

  • All epoxies will gain a yellow/amber tint over a long period of time but we use a product with advanced UV inhibitors and it is one of the clearest on the market that is safe for flowers. To ensure your artwork lasts for years to come, it is recommended to store your piece out of direct sunlight and away from a direct heat source like a fireplace mantle etc. 

Will my piece change over time?

  • The resin we use to preserve your flowers is clear, free of VOCs and very high-quality. Over time, the resin might develop a slight amber-like glow. We think this adds a beautiful vintage element to it. 

DISCLAIMER: Resin yellowing is an inevitable effect from the natural aging of your product. The best way to prevent this from happening is to leave it out of any kind of direct sunlight. We are not responsible for the natural effects of aging on your product.  

Will my piece have bubbles?

  • We see each piece as custom art pieces, rather than pre-manufactured items. It is impossible to guarantee a piece does not have bubbles as bubbles are a part of the process when working with resin. We feel bubbles will only add to the uniqueness and custom nature of your pieces. 

Will my piece be 100% perfect?

  • As stated above, each piece is custom and handmade. We strive our very best, creating each piece over hours, days, months to ensure that each piece is as close to possible perfection as we can get it. (Trust me, we are perfectionists!!!)  We will do our very best to make your piece as perfect as possible, but when working with art and resin, please keep in mind that there is zero guarantee that your piece will not have small, unavoidable flaws. Think of this as adding to the uniqueness and custom nature of your items. 

Refunds & Exchanges:

What is your return policy? 

  • We strive to create art pieces that are original, hand made, and unique for each client. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients. However, under the circumstance that a customer is dissatisfied with their pieces, custom items are sold on an as-is basis and cannot be returned.